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What we do - the 360  records  mission


360 Records helps companies, traders and retailers

your options too  maximize.


With 360 Records you can concentrate on your guests and customers and reach your target group in a targeted manner. We offer you the digitization of buildings (or parts of buildings), shops, event areas and everything that can be photographed. This encourages your users to stay longer and you achieve a higher conversion rate.

My name is Marcus Kirsch

Berlin location

Through my work for the Arena Hospitality Group,  one  the  biggest  operator  from  Holiday resorts in Croatia, I'm always looking for change and new things  innovations. The Corona crisis, too, which is causing many companies to rethink economically  encouraged me to unite customers through brand new marketing solutions  added value to  deliver.  In the real estate industry, 360° tours are a matter of course today  Range of services of the real estate agent, such as a comprehensive real estate expose.

Also for my industry, the hotel industry, I see through the use of 360° content  great potential and I look forward to supporting you in realizing your 360° ideas.


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