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Have a different point of view.

We create 360° experiences of a special kind. High-resolution quality, endless possibilities, unique impressions. 360° content and virtual reality offer added value: they invite, arouse curiosity, communicate your message - transparently and precisely. Take your customers on a tour of discovery

into virtual reality, we'll show you how.

360° Aufnahmen

Services at a glance

360° tour

With a 360° tour, you give your customers, guests and visitors a unique look behind the facade of your company. If you integrate a 360° tour on your website or social networks, you will not only reach your target group, but also take them on a journey. This is where the customer gets a first impression of your offer, gains confidence and is very likely to decide in favor of you!

360° ambient videos

A 360° video enables a very special change of perspective.


through the Integration of a 360° video on your website as an image film on a screen your company, or on social media, let the viewer be the center of the story will.


The video content tells stories that engage the listener. Aimed as

Used in advertising, you revolutionize the art of storytelling.

360° images

With 360° images you give the viewer the feeling of being there. He  gets a much more accurate impression of what to expect.  At the same time, you can showcase the advantages of your premises and  Stimulate the viewer's imagination.


In the best case, the viewer becomes a  Visitor, buyer or guest. After all, he was able to look around and has  thus the certainty of getting exactly what he has seen before.

Drone Fly Through

  & time-lapse images

The special highlight for the very special appearance - the recording from a bird's eye view.  


Time-lapse images, so-called time-lapse recordings, are more popular than ever and are also used again and again in social networks such as Instagram.


Almost everyone knows the recordings of night traffic in a big city or the starry sky.  

M U S I C - V I D E O S

More customers through 360° shots.

In the tourism industry, 360° and virtual reality content is more in demand than ever. According to statistics, a 360° tour is a crucial decision-making aid and often determines the choice of hotel, restaurant, etc. Today's guest wants to be entertained. If you want to stand out and be remembered, you have to deliver convincing content. Incidentally, this applies not only to holidaymakers, but also to business travelers! With a virtual 360° tour, you offer interested parties the opportunity to get an idea of the premises in advance and to come back to the image material again and again.  

360°   & VR content is also ideal for the presentation of showrooms and trade fair stands that can be visited virtually. In addition, by clicking on certain areas, information can be called up that you would have read on posters or flyers at the booth if you were visiting the trade fair.  

This cannot replace a personal conversation at the exhibition stand, but the customer has already got to know your company and was able to get a first impression.   Another big advantage: Exhibition stands are often very expensive and good parking spaces are hard fought for. With a virtually visitable exhibition stand, you save costs and time. More and more employers, universities and colleges are also using the potential of virtual 360° tours to give interested parties a look behind the scenes and to give them a first feeling of what it would be like to be there themselves.  


Case study – the numbers speak for themselves



Vendors of 3D virtual tours are seen up to 74% more and 95% of potential customers are more willing to contact vendors.  

Potential buyers deal with 3D offers up to 300% more than with the usual 2D offers.  

The achievable revenues are 4-9% higher than with 2D offers.


people believe what they see.

Seeing is believing. Ordinary pictures only allow the viewer to see a part, leaving a bit of uncertainty. 360° content and virtual reality  browse the visitor, check if he likes what he sees and become less frequent  clicked away - finally

are you already “there” and would like to know

what it  is still to be discovered.


We use to convert unique moments into high-resolution 360° content  high quality equipment. Our Ricoh Theta V and Theta Z cameras have dual  Lens systems that cover the entire room with its two ultra-wide-angle lenses  can perceive from different perspectives.  With a frame rate of 30 frames per second, the high-resolution image and  Video material in 4K resolution supplemented by the 3D spatial toning process. The microphones  record the sound in such a way that the sound reproduction is amplified in the respective viewing direction,  so you get the feeling of being there yourself.

With the Matterport Pro camera, we can work for you in many ways. 2D Digital  Photography and virtual reality are just two of the many possible applications.  Schematic floor plans can also be created and made with the help of the Matterport Pro  This allows you to see the space from different perspectives. the  The room can be rotated along an axis as desired, thus granting a unique view  behind the facade.

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